Throughout history, the I Ching has been edited and enlarged by commentaries. You can add to that process by recording your question and observations about the reading you receive from the  You can also read previous questions asked of this I Ching by clicking the Read by questions or Read by hexagram tabs. More about the site can be found here


One Response to “The LivingIChing Website”

  1. peter j Sampson said

    much appreciation for your cultivation&sharing.
    after an off-and-on, long-time, & wildly uneven engagement with da yijing, i again am being invited to share. More than a year ago, i first encountered da LivingIChing Book and now this online cultivation!

    thanx to all involved

    i feel i am just scratching the surface of what you, you all & all-that-is were making available thru that LIC Book & now so much more…

    much appreciation yet again for holding this space & inviting us all to deepening our encounters & add our voices&experiences to these *living* commentary traditions.

    in dat lovingkindness&
    solidarity spirit.


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